Bäco Mercat, Downtown LA


eeeeek, over two weeks without a post! Apologies, apologies, apologies- our only excuse is that we are finally reunited and have been a bit too busy for blogging! But here is a post on a restaurant I’ve been waiting to eat at for ages- Bäco Mercat. Bäco’s reputation precedes it, as not many restaurants are…

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Wild Mushroom and Chicken Pie (Aussie Style)


Ok guys, here it is. The post we’ve been putting off writing for ages because it is just so damn long! We considered scrapping it altogether, but since this is possibly one of the most delicious things we’ve ever made, that clearly couldn’t happen. Be prepared for a long read, (and several hours in the…

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Baked Brie topped with Wild Mushrooms and Caramelized Onions


Alex and I celebrated this past Christmas with a group of friends in Paris, and what better place to make baked brie? I decided to take the savoury route, and top mine with wild mushrooms and onions. I began with caramelizing half of a large white onion (red will also do) with a bit of…

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Wild Mushroom Pasta


Last week I revisited Borough Markets, this time with Alex in tow. We spent hours wandering through it, and just as we were leaving, a stand of wild mushrooms caught our eye. We bagged a large variety, and headed home to set about making a simple wild mushroom pasta. We started by cleaning the mushrooms-…

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