Trini’s, Omaha- Throwback Thursday pt. 3


Trini’s is one of two restaurants located in the famed Old Market passageway, and while it’s been there for as long as I can remember, I don’t know anyone who has ever been. Our typical Old Market spots all busy and our curiosity sparked, a friend and I decided to visit before a show at…

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M’s Pub, Omaha – Throwback Thursday part one!


While doing some general cleanup and organization on my computer this week, I came across a few residual blog posts from 2013 reviewing restaurants that are too good not to share. So I’m going to do a few #throwbackthursday posts in the coming weeks! The first of the bunch is M’s Pub, an Omaha classic….

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Pitch Pizzeria, Omaha


This post is a long time coming- a review of my favourite pizza place in Omaha, Pitch. The trendy restaurant is located on Dundee’s main street, and is the brain child of Willy Theisen, who casually got his start as the founder of Godfather’s Pizza. Pitch is about as different to Godfather’s as it gets-…

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Liberty Tavern, Omaha


Liberty Tavern is located in the Downtown Omaha Hilton, prime restaurant real estate due to its proximity to the convention center and new stadium. As part of a gift for their 25th wedding anniversary my parents received a dinner at Liberty Tavern, which my brother and I were more than happy to crash. We started…

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Salt 88, Omaha


Last weekend a group of girlfriends and I went to Salt 88, a much-hyped and discussed new sister restaurant to Hiro 88, for a farewell brunch. We opted to sit on their lovely outdoor patio, studded with fans and hip blue plastic chairs and looking out onto the neighboring golf course. Salt 88 has all-day…

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Block 16, Omaha


Block 16 is a great little hole-in-the-wall restaurant located downtown, “hell-bent on creating fresh, fun, street-style food” (from their website). On my past two lunch visits, it was packed with business men, hipsters and families alike, all crowding in to enjoy delicious food at amazing prices. Daily specials are posted on a chalk board and…

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Taste of Thailand, Omaha


Taste of Thailand has been my family’s go-to restaurant for as long as I can remember, so its about time I blogged it! Located in a small strip mall on Bob Boozer Drive (lolz), Taste of Thailand brings bold, fresh flavours to the table each and every time. Their Tom Ka Kai (Chicken Coconut Soup)…

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Nosh, Omaha


I’m back in Omaha! And late June in Omaha means the College World Series, one of the best times of the year. My friends and I went to an evening game earlier in the week, and stopped by Nosh (new to all of us) for a pre-game dinner. Three of us decided to split a…

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Marks Bistro, Omaha


Our first Omaha post! When Alex visited my family last month, I took him to the restaurant I’ve been going to with my friends for years- Marks. Prom, graduation, random meals- we’ve spent them all at Marks. We started with their bread spread trio- which consisted of sun-dried tomato pesto, spinach pesto and herb-feta cheese…

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