Jamie Oliver’s Chicken in Milk


So as you all know, chicken plays a prominent role in our household. While I have finally learnt to love fish, it is less accessible in our neighborhood than chicken, so we find ourselves with the bird more often than not. Sunday Roast is something that I’ve never been able to get fully on board…

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Foil Baked Lamb Shanks


Lamb shanks are a sure fire winner at any dinner party (barring any vegetarians *cough* Priya *cough*).  Prepared in advance and cooked slowly, these little beauties can be forgotten about until the grand reveal later in the night.  Having cooked Jamie Oliver’s spiced lamb shanks from his first book The Naked Chef several times I…

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Jamie Oliver’s fennel risotto with ricotta & dried chili


This Valentine’s Day, my friends and I decided to treat ourselves with a homecooked meal- something that is tough to do in the dorms. Alex got me Jamie’s Italy for Christmas (my first ever cookbook!) and we decided to put it to good use for this meal. Jamie explains the cooking process much better than I…

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Bad-Boy Barbeque Sauce (beware, things might get messy!)


A few years ago I was watching Jamie At Home, saw this delicious barbeque sauce recipe and knew I had to give it a go.  OK, so it’s taken me two years to make it, but damn I’m glad I did! The perfect day came up to test it out, 4th of July, and why…

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Cod with Artichokes, Purple Potatoes, Capers and Creme Fraiche


Ever since we met, Alex has been pressuring me to start eating seafood, and while it has certainly been an uphill battle, I’m pleased to present you all with my first homecooked seafood meal! Jamie Oliver is one of our favourites, and while I was perusing his website last week for inspiration, I stumbled upon…

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