Cecconi’s Flinders Lane, Melbourne CBD


Earlier this month we were lucky enough to dine at Cecconi’s on Flinders Lane, a Melbourne institution. Back in the day, Cecconi’s was the go to spot for corporate long lunches and client-wooing dinners, and today it still retains that old school charm, but is decidedly more romantic. When we arrived, we were seated on…

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Meatball & Wine Bar, Melbourne CBD


Meatball, located in the ever-trendy Flinders Lane, was a random choice for us one day whilst out shopping in the city. Since then we have been back twice, and always leave stuffed and pleased with our meals. Cocktails at Meatball are delicious and don’t skimp on the alcohol, and the Italian-focused wine list partners well…

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Pitch Pizzeria, Omaha


This post is a long time coming- a review of my favourite pizza place in Omaha, Pitch. The trendy restaurant is located on Dundee’s main street, and is the brain child of Willy Theisen, who casually got his start as the founder of Godfather’s Pizza. Pitch is about as different to Godfather’s as it gets-…

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Colori Kitchen, Downtown LA


Alex and I visited Colori Kitchen on the recommendation of our lovely hair dresser, and we were certainly not disappointed. It’s a small hole-in-the-wall near the fashion district downtown, but what the place lacks in size it makes up for with charm and delicious food. We started with their burrata salad (which was a special…

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Chicken Parmi w/ Parsnip Fries


Having not eating a chicken parmi (chicken parmigiana) since Australia and with a chicken breast ready and waiting in the fridge, I knew exactly what was on the menu tonight, can you guess? Pasta. No just kidding, a parmi.. Parmigiana originates in Italy from the word Parmesan, therefore it is traditionally breaded vegetables or meat…

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