Launch of the #socialfeeds Food Truck, with Bank of Melbourne


Hello friends! I know this isn’t one of our usual recipes or reviews, but two weeks ago we got to be a part of a really exciting project here in Melbourne, and wanted to share our experience with you all. Six or so weeks ago, Bank of Melbourne announced an instagram competition called #socialfeeds. #socialfeeds…

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Duck Fat Roast Potatoes


After roasting a duck recently I was left with a jug of glorious duck fat and as we all know, it makes for some delicious roast potatoes.  Duck fat has a high smoke point meaning it can handle more heat without tainting the flavour, ie perfect for frying, which is essentially what is happening with…

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Crispy Skinned Duck w/ Chinese Pancakes


Having never cooked duck before, I thought I’d give this simple roast duck recipe a shot.  Although I don’t think I’ll be roasting one of these fatty beasts again any time soon (too much bone and not enough meat), it’s definitely worth a try. In future I would buy leg and breast pieces and bake…

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