Miso Roasted Eggplant


Over Easter, we traveled back to Adelaide to visit Alex’s parents (and raid the veggie patch, of course!) We picked tomatoes, butternut squash, figs, and the most wonderfully sweet eggplants we’ve ever had. We decided to make our version of one of my favourite eggplant dishes- miso eggplant. Our version is full of ginger and chili,…

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Simple Sesame & Garlic Noodles


Here at Boy Meets Girl Meets Food, we love a good noodle dish. However, I often find that they can become quite heavy and drowned out with sauces, so yesterday I set about making a light and simple noodle dish (to accompany a special recipe coming tomorrow!). For this dish, you will need the following:…

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Harissa Spiced Freekeh with Honey Roasted Vegetables


Late last year, I discovered a lovely grain that is now being hailed as a leader in 2014’s round of new ‘superfoods’- freekeh. Freekeh is a grain slightly similar to barley, but it can be a bit fiddly to cook with- the first time we used it we were a little freaked out by the…

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Homemade Dukkah


*Ahem*.. you there.. yes, you Internet people – let me start by apologising for my utter laziness in regards to posts and commend Priya on picking up the slack, where would I be without her I wonder..? Probably eating steak and chips in front of the TV, but I digress.  Starting a new job has…

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Thai Cucumber and Peanut Salad


Here’s a simple salad that will have the taste buds tingling. Hot, salty, sweet, sour and a perfect palate cleanser for a Massaman curry or any other Thai curry for that matter.  If you want to bulk out this salad, tearing up some baby spinach works a treat.  I served it alongside a massaman curry,…

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Tar & Roses, Santa Monica (plus a promo via LiveDeal!)


Well friends, I have some big news! I am typing this post from Melbourne- that’s right, Alex and I are finally reunited! I moved over here three days ago (hence the lack of posts- turns out moving your entire life across the world in two suitcases is fairly hectic) and am loving it so far….

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Beetroot, Feta & Raspberry Salad


Spotting some baby beets in the fruit and veg shop with the crisp leaves still attached, I knew I had to make myself a salad.  Beetroot leaves are perfectly edible and buying a bunch with the leaves still attached gives you two vegetables for the price of one. The small, tender leaves can be eaten…

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Bhindi Masala


Since moving back home, my mom and I have developed a special tradition of reserving Sunday afternoons for cooking. We make anything from 3-5 Indian dishes, something that she used to do alone (she’s a rockstar)! One of my long-time favourite Indian dishes was also one of the first ones I learnt how to make-…

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Duck Fat Roast Potatoes


After roasting a duck recently I was left with a jug of glorious duck fat and as we all know, it makes for some delicious roast potatoes.  Duck fat has a high smoke point meaning it can handle more heat without tainting the flavour, ie perfect for frying, which is essentially what is happening with…

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Bäco Mercat, Downtown LA


eeeeek, over two weeks without a post! Apologies, apologies, apologies- our only excuse is that we are finally reunited and have been a bit too busy for blogging! But here is a post on a restaurant I’ve been waiting to eat at for ages- Bäco Mercat. Bäco’s reputation precedes it, as not many restaurants are…

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