Top Paddock, Richmond


Top Paddock holds the kind of brunch notoriety reserved for LA’s top West Hollywood spots- which made it the perfect spot for a reunion with my old LA work manager! When we arrived on a Sunday morning the place was practically bursting at the seams with eager eaters, waiting to be seated. After an extended…

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Fudgy Dulce De Leche Brownies


If you’re gonna make something unhealthy, why not step it up and make it even worse?! Or as I like to think, even better.. I don’t like my brownies too sweet, so I cut back on the sugar content to offset the sweetness of the Dulce de Leche, but if you like sickly sweet, then…

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Spoon Me Sweetly

spoon me sweetly

Awhile back we were lucky enough to be gifted some sweet treats from the darlings at Spoon Me Sweetly. Based out of LA, Spoon Me Sweetly specializes in spoons that create wonders when stirred through a mug of hot milk, tea, cocoa etc. Our beautiful package included three different flavoured spoons, sugar drops and ‘animal-style’ pretzel…

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Dulce de Leche


Ok this recipe comes with a warning: this is one of the easiest and cheapest things to make, and makes a LOT. So once you discover the glorious treat that is Dulce de Leche, don’t say I didn’t warn you if you find a large batch in your fridge on a weekly basis! All you…

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Momofuku Noodle Bar, East Village NYC


I spent the past weekend in NYC, having an amazing time eating my way through the City with my friends from college! I told my friends that we had to go to one obnoxiously trendy restaurant, so of course we ended up at Momofuku. The wait on a Monday night was surprisingly short, and we…

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Healthy Homemade Granola


Sick of spending $$ on overpriced breads and cereals? Me too, that’s why I often make this delicious granola.  Sprinkle it over some plain yoghurt, add some fresh or frozen berries and a drizzle of honey or even better agave and you’ll be loving your new, healthy breakfast regime.  This granola is packed with whole…

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Pumpkin Nutella Brownies with Double Cream Cheese & Cinnamon Frosting


October 1st was my dear friend Gabby’s birthday, so a friend and I decided to whip up some fall-inspired sweet treats for her. I found this delicious recipe for Pumpkin Nutella Bars on the food blog TheGunnySack, and we followed it basically to a tee. The only differences we made was using a smaller pan,…

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Lentil, Leek & Mushroom Pie


Decided to give Meatless Monday a shot this week, but still wanted something hearty and wholesome for dinner.  Having made many meat pies before, I figured I would give a vego option a go.  This recipe, with the combination of fresh and dried mushrooms and red wine gives you a good depth of flavor while…

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Lemon Soufflé


Baking a soufflé can be a stressful endeavor, but it can also be damn satisfying. Opening the oven to an airy, golden topped puff of flavour immediately makes up for the sometimes fiddly work required to prepare said soufflé.  They can be made savoury or sweet and with any combination of flavours.  If you’re into…

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Herman the German Friendship Cake – Oh.. and Happy Birthday to Us!


It’s Boy Meets Girl Meets Food’s second birthday! It has been another exciting year for us, and we are so glad to have shared it with all of you! We would not still be going without you all, so thanks for your support- and what better way to celebrate than with our old friend Herman,…

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