Cliff’s Edge, Silver Lake


When a friend suggested Cliff’s Edge for our final dinner in LA, I immediately jumped at the chance to go, as it’s a restaurant I had always wanted to go to with Alex when we lived in Echo Park. We arrived and were seated out on the famous patio, which absolutely lives up to its…

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Norah, West Hollywood


Greetings! I just returned from a two week trip back home to America, where I got to spend time with friends and family, and of course stuff myself silly with delicious food at every stop! LA was the last stop on the list, and my amazing college friends flew in from NYC and Chicago for…

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Spoon Me Sweetly

spoon me sweetly

Awhile back we were lucky enough to be gifted some sweet treats from the darlings at Spoon Me Sweetly. Based out of LA, Spoon Me Sweetly specializes in spoons that create wonders when stirred through a mug of hot milk, tea, cocoa etc. Our beautiful package included three different flavoured spoons, sugar drops and ‘animal-style’ pretzel…

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Harissa Spiced Freekeh with Honey Roasted Vegetables


Late last year, I discovered a lovely grain that is now being hailed as a leader in 2014’s round of new ‘superfoods’- freekeh. Freekeh is a grain slightly similar to barley, but it can be a bit fiddly to cook with- the first time we used it we were a little freaked out by the…

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Homemade Chicken Stock


Alex and I are always whining about how we can never find good (or even mediocre) stock at the grocery store, so last week I finally bit my tongue and made some stock myself! To make your own homemade stock, you will need the following: – one chicken carcass – two large carrots – four…

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Jack’s Wife Freda, Soho NYC- Throwback Thursday pt. 2


Yes, this is a post all the way back from my October NYC trip. But even my embarrassment at being so delayed on this post couldn’t stop me, because Jack’s Wife Freda is an amazing Soho spot in the sea of New York restaurants. We went for Sunday brunch, and started off with some drinks-…

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Po’Boy Quarter – Collingwood


po’boy, noun – every hungover person’s dream; carb loaded, stuffed with succulent meats or deep fried goodies and the ability to leave one with the semi-permanent feeling of satiety… or at least that’s how I see them anyway. Po’Boy Quarter in Collingwood delivers no frills po’boy sandwiches that do the simple things right. A soft…

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M’s Pub, Omaha – Throwback Thursday part one!


While doing some general cleanup and organization on my computer this week, I came across a few residual blog posts from 2013 reviewing restaurants that are too good not to share. So I’m going to do a few #throwbackthursday posts in the coming weeks! The first of the bunch is M’s Pub, an Omaha classic….

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Taste on Melrose, West Hollywood (plus a promo via Lyft!)


Before coming to LA, one of my biggest worries was how I would get around without my lovely hybrid- I’m still a total mess when it comes to attempting public transportation in this city. As fate would have it, I woke up with an email from Lyft in my inbox, and all of my problems…

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Tar & Roses, Santa Monica (plus a promo via LiveDeal!)


Well friends, I have some big news! I am typing this post from Melbourne- that’s right, Alex and I are finally reunited! I moved over here three days ago (hence the lack of posts- turns out moving your entire life across the world in two suitcases is fairly hectic) and am loving it so far….

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