Launch of the #socialfeeds Food Truck, with Bank of Melbourne

Hello friends! I know this isn’t one of our usual recipes or reviews, but two weeks ago we got to be a part of a really exciting project here in Melbourne, and wanted to share our experience with you all. Six or so weeks ago, Bank of Melbourne announced an instagram competition called #socialfeeds. #socialfeeds champions home cooking, which is obviously very close to our hearts, and the competition encouraged home cooks to post their cooking for the chance to be included in the #socialfeeds cookbook, released by BoM. Three weeks ago we were thrilled to find out that not only were we selected to be a part of the cookbook, but that our recipe (Slow Cooked Duck and Veggie Noodles with Spicy Peanut Sauce) would be launching the #socialfeeds food truck around Melbourne, as part of the launch for Melbourne Food & Wine Festival!


our creation…

LianeHurvitz_6      …brought to life at a food truck!

Alex unfortunately wasn’t able to get the time off work, so two Wednesdays ago I meandered down to Queensbridge Square on Southbank, incredibly nervous and unsure of what I would find. What if no one turned up? What if people hated our recipe? The recipe was one I made up off the cuff, so I had to go back and painstakingly try and recreate it…we’re still living off of the various peanut sauce incarnations we tested to get things right! I have to say, there’s nothing crazier than arriving at something like this with no expectations, only to find a food truck with @boymeetsgirlmeetsfood on the side, and seeing a line of twenty people waiting for a dish you created…and on top of that, the dish is being served to them by none other than Guy Grossi and Dan Stock! It was an amazing feeling, and such validation for everything that we do and are passionate about.


Dan Stock, Guy Grossi and Yours Truly

Of course, I insisted on my turn in the truck! aaaaand I lasted about ten minutes. I was way too slow, even though my only two jobs were garnishing the dish with crispy duck skin and coriander. It was so fun to be in the truck with the fantastic Tommy Collins staff, and serve food out to people- the only thing that topped it was hearing people chat amongst themselves about how much they enjoyed it, and come up to the trucks for thirds and even fourths!


I was not up to speed in the food truck garnishing department

The food truck was supposed to go from 11-3pm, however #socialfeeds was officially declared ‘sold out’ at 12:45pm! It was an incredible experience, and I highly encourage everyone to go check out the rest of the #socialfeeds food trucks that will be floating around town.There are only three lucky dishes left, so get on it! And keep an eye for the #socialfeeds cookbook, coming soon.

Thursday, March 10: Southern Cross Station at the corner of Spencer St & Collins St- Ma po chilli chicken with sweet Chines red dates (@cookingathomeisfun)

Friday, March 11: St Kilda Beach, oval near Sea Baths- Steamed pork, ginger and sesame stuffed gyoza (@isobelgordon)

Saturday, March 12: Flemington Grazing Trail- Vegan spiced rum dark chocolate mousse (@lady.flamingo)


LianeHurvitz_23LianeHurvitz_BOM166– priya

Special Thanks to: Bank of Melbourne for this amazing opportunity, Liane Hurvitz for the photos, and Tommy Collins for bring our dish to life so beautifully!