Lakehouse, Daylesford VIC

A few months ago, Alex and I celebrated five years together. It’s crazy how quickly half a decade has gone by- there has been plenty of incredible food along the ride! To celebrate, we headed out to Daylesford, which is a beautiful spa town about an hour and a half outside of Melbourne. While Daylesford is renowned for its numerous spas and mineral springs, it is also home to the famous Lakehouse Hotel and Restaurant, where we headed for a Saturday long lunch. As we were in an indulgent mood, we opted for the eight course tasting menu; one thing that I love about Lakehouse is that they have a Vegetarian Tasting Menu alongside their regular tasting menu, and they let me opt for the vegetarian option when there was something that I couldn’t eat in the regular tasting, which meant that I got the best of both worlds! The standout dish in the tasting for both of us was the Bug Agnolotti with Kimchi- the kimchi was surprisingly subtle, and balanced the richness of the buttery agnolotti beautifully. We love Moreton Bay Bugs and don’t get to eat them often, and this was definitely one of the best dishes with bugs that I’ve ever had (probably only rivaled by est.- that review is coming soon too!). The confit trout and roe was also a standout- the preserved lemon was the perfect thing to cut the rich confit, and the cauliflower custard added a wonderful creamy texture to each and every bite. I loved the weirdness of mustard ice cream served alongside textures of carrot- Alex wasn’t completely sold on it, but I really enjoyed the unusual dish. Overall, the meal was excellent, with perhaps the only let down being the Playtime dessert; while it was whimsical, the flavours were fairly straightforward. The service was also excellent, and we enjoyed chatting to our French waiter about the wines- when he brought out our rosé he sniffed the cork and said “mmmm smells like summer on the beach in France!” with such enthusiasm that we felt like we could be in the middle of a French coastal town with him (and it was a bloody good wine to boot). After we finished eating, they invited us to sit outside on the balcony to finish off our meal with some coffee, tea and sweet treats- this was the best part of the experience for us. Lounging outside bathing in some rare Victorian sun, sipping tea and eating little cakes, watching the swans in the lake and couples enjoy a sunset walk; this was the perfect way to finish off the meal, and truly encapsulated the serenity and beauty that makes Daylesford such an idyllic weekend escape. I’m dreaming of it again now- sitting out on the balcony, contentedly sipping that summery French rosé, completely content after another gorgeous meal at Lakehouse.

– priya


Parmesan and Olive


Veal Tartare, Nori, Bonito

Bug Agnolotti, Kimchi


Confit Trout & Roe, Cauliflower Custard, Preserved Lemon


Skipton Smoked Eel in Pancetta, New Season Beets


Carrot, Granola, Mustard Ice Cream


Seared Duck Breast, Duck Liver Parfait, Orange


Pork Loin, Mushrooms, Greens


Goats Cheese Tortellini, Winter Greens




An Autumn Ramble