Jamie Oliver’s Chicken in Milk

So as you all know, chicken plays a prominent role in our household. While I have finally learnt to love fish, it is less accessible in our neighborhood than chicken, so we find ourselves with the bird more often than not. Sunday Roast is something that I’ve never been able to get fully on board with, but this is an adaptation that I could happily eat any day of the week! This is Jamie Oliver’s Chicken in Milk, but with a tiny twist that we think makes a big difference.


1x whole chicken

1x small stick of cinnamon

1 handful sage, picked off of stems

zest of 2x lemons

10x garlic cloves, skin on

1/2 L full fat milk

salt, pepper, EVOO


Preheat your oven to 190°C. Meanwhile on the stove, heat up a medium sized ovenproof pan that will fit your chicken. Then season said chicken with plenty of olive oil and pepper, along with a bit of salt.

Once the pan is heated, brown the chicken on each side.


After the chicken is sufficiently browned all around, remove the pan from heat and add the milk, lemon zest, sage, garlic and cinnamon. Set a timer for 45 minutes- the cooking time is 90 minutes in total, but we’ve adapted the recipe so that the first half is with a lid on the pan. The milky curdy deliciousness makes this meal, and it risks drying out when the lid is left off the entire 90 minutes.


After 45 minutes, remove the lid. The lemon causes the milk to split and curdle up, creating a delicious sauce that is substantive enough to cover whatever carbs you choose to incorporate into the meal.


Serve the chicken and its sauce with whatever your preferred side is- we personally choose polenta, mashed potatoes or brown rice, as they best soak up the delicious sauce from the chicken. Toss up a little salad or sauteed greens on the side, and you’ve got yourself a meal!IMGP7551

This dish is one of our favourite comfort foods, and it’s the perfect meal when having close friends or family around for a homey dinner. Because we all get bored of the traditional Sunday Roast eventually, right?

– priya