400 Gradi, Brunswick

In April, 400 Gradi exploded onto the food scene after taking home the top prize at the Pizza World Championship, held in Italy. Everyone in Melbourne was flocking to try and get a bite of the world’s best pizza, and one Wednesday evening Alex and I were lucky enough to get seats at the bar to sample it ourselves! We started with some glasses of wine and a caprese salad- ok pizza aside, I would seriously come back just for this caprese! It was easily the best one we’ve ever had outside of Italy. The mozzarella di bufala was rich and creamy, almost like a burrata, while the tomatoes were bursting with freshness. The simple EVOO, salt and pepper dressing was the perfect complement to the simple yet amazing ingredients on the plate- what Italian food is all about. Next up were the two pizzas- we ordered a Toscano pizza (a sauce-less base with fior di latte, mushrooms, rocket and goats cheese) and of course, the award-winning margherita. The pizzas were, unsurprisingly, wonderful. The margherita was my favourite (as it tends to be, when done properly), and had a robust san marzano base that paired nicely with the generous amount of mozzarella di bufula that topped the pizza. The crust/base was doughier than a lot of traditional Italian pizzas that we have seen, but it still maintained a lovely light and airy composition. Finally, there was dessert. We went with a honey panna cotta, and it was one of the best desserts we have had in recent months! The panna cotta itself was light, with the honey flavour coming through beautifully. Accents of sticky vincotto and pistachio crumb went perfectly with the panna cotta- the vincotto was sweet and robust, while the crumb provided a wonderful texture and addition to the flavour profile (Josh, that one is for you). The pizza at 400 Gradi was some of the best that we have eaten outside of Italy, while the starters and dessert were incredible enough to seal the deal for us. We definitely recommend 400 Gradi, hype aside, for a beautiful, traditional Italian meal.

– priya


 The wine selection at 400 Gradi was extensive


Caprese- fresh tomatoes, mozzarella di bufala, basil, EVOO


Toscano- bianco pizza with fior di latte, mushrooms, rocket & goats cheese


Margherita Verace- san marzano tomatoes, mozzarella di bufala, basil


sitting at the bar gave us an awesome view of the pizza oven


pannacotta al miele- honey pannacotta with sticky vincotto, pistachio crumb