Kong BBQ, Richmond

When Rue & Co (the popup eatery on Collins Street featuring Kong, Jimmy Grants and St. Ali) first opened up, I meandered over to Kong for some chicken wings and never looked back. So I was delighted to head over to Kong the full restaurant in Richmond earlier this week, and needless to say, it did not disappoint! The service was smooth, fast and efficient- Chin Chin’s little sister left me incredibly impressed, especially since Kong only opened on May 30th. Upon being seated, Alex was taken aback by how bright the lighting was, however I didn’t mind it- to each their own! We started off with wine and some cocktails- both cocktails were suggested by the bartender and ended up being delicious. Next came a little trio- two types of kimchi and some house-pickled vegetables. One of the kimchis (left in the photo) was deliciously rich and spicy, while the other one just didn’t do it for me- the pickled veggies however were great, loved that they went with shiitakes and baby corn instead of more typical pickling veggies. Next Alex and our friend Kate split two buns- one with smoked brisket, ssamjang and kimchi, and the other with soft shell crab, salted duck egg relish and coriander. While Alex officially deemed them ‘tasty’, he also said that they seemed overstuffed and that he prefers the buns at Shop Ramen. Next out were the peanut butter chicken wings, topped with pickled celery…omgz THESE WERE A DREAM. I’m a sucker for peanut sauces, and this one was creamy and delicious, and perfectly paired against the pickled celery and tender chicken. The chicken wings got some fierce competition from this next item for dish of the night- wood roasted salmon with crispy skin, seaweed salad and kimchi. Alex has been trying to convert me to a salmon lover for years, to no avail- but I would have happily had this entire dish to myself! The salmon was perfectly cooked, while the crispy skin added a nice bite and salty satisfaction to the dish- all balanced out nicely by the bright salad and sauce along the bottom of this dish. We also had the spicy enoki and charred tofu fried rice to go along with the meal- as expected it was quite simple, but awesome paired with the gochuchang sauce at the table. Finally, we finished out the meal with a spectacular dessert- walnut & apple tart with miso butterscotch and Japanese whiskey ice cream. Guys, this is the stuff dreams are made of. Rich, gooey, crunchy, creamy- this dessert was so simple and SO effective- another dish I would’ve happily eaten up myself! The line at Kong (they follow the annoying Melbourne ‘no reservations’ trend) is massive, but with good reason- the food absolutely lives up to the hype, and I actually enjoyed our meal there far more than when we ate at Chin Chin a few months ago (maybe that’s why the review is still in the blog queue?). The line goes quickly, so don’t let that stop you from checking out the latest addition to Richmond’s ever-growing food scene. As they say, Kong for happy life! Or at least a very, very happy stomach.

– priya


loved their wine glasses


 cocktails were quirky, inventive and delicious


 Trio of Kimchi and Pickled Veggies


 Soft Shell Crab Bun with duck egg relish and coriander


 Smoked Brisket bun with ssamjang and kimchi


 BBQ Peanut Butter Chicken Wings with Pickled Celery


 Wood Roasted Salmon with Crispy Skin and Seaweed Salad


 Enoki and Charred Tofu Fried Rice


 Apple & Walnut Tart with Miso Butterscotch and Japanese Whiskey Ice Cream

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