Añada Bar & Restaurant, Fitzroy

A few weeks ago, while some of our close friends were visiting, we visited Ańada for dinner. We opted to do their Chef’s Tasting menu, which allowed for us to relax and sip sangria while dish after dish arrived at our table. First up were oysters, which were so fresh and paired with just the right amount of acidic lemon juice. Next the boys received a plate of Serrano ham, while I got a mussel. The mussel was HUGE, and luckily had the perfect amount of tomato vinaigrette topping it; the boys devoured the thin slices of jamon in minutes, just in time for our next course- Salmon bolas. These were like little arancini balls, filled with a piping hot salmon mixture- these were one of the favourites of the evening, even by me, who typically dislikes salmon! After the bolas came a spiced root vegetable soup- I also loved this one, which almost tasted Indian or Middle Eastern due to the wonderful spice mixture used. After the soup came lemon & herb prawns- Añada converted me once again! Along with salmon, prawns are definitely not one of my favourite things, but I loved these. They were perfectly cooked, and the lemon & herb mixture was fresh and flavourful. A butter lettuce salad came up next- this had boiled eggs in it so I wasn’t a fan (can’t be converted all in one meal!), but the boys seemed to enjoy the light salad. Red wine braised squid was the first of our larger plates- while the squid was cooked beautifully, I did not enjoy the flavour here; it seemed almost muddy for some reason. However the boys all liked it, so maybe that was just me? Nevertheless, our two final dishes were enjoyed more than the squid- carrots with orange blossom, greens and goats cheese were fresh and bright, especially after the heavy red wine squid, while the chermoula chicken was an amazing finish. Much like the prawns, the sauce on the chicken was divine, and it was incredibly tender, with a lovely crispy skin! We had a wonderful experience at Añada, and all but a few of the dishes hit it out of the park. The restaurant itself was cozy and relaxed, and we never felt rushed during our meal (which spanned about two hours). I would definitely recommend Añada to anyone looking for a romantic and/or quiet spot to catch up with loved ones and friends.

– priya




Sangria and delicious, delicious bread


Natural Oyster with Lemon


 Alazor Serrano Reserva Jamon


Mussel with Tomato Vinaigrette


Salmon bolas


 Spiced Root Vegetable Soup with Hazelnuts & Yogurt


Prawns with Lemon & Herbs


Butter Lettuce w/ Palm Hearts, Capers and Egg


Red Wine Braised Squid w/ white beans


Carrots, Pistachios, Goats Cheese & Orange Blossom


Pan-Roasted Chermoula Chicken w/ Bulgur & Sumac


 lovely window reflection

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