Spoon Me Sweetly

Awhile back we were lucky enough to be gifted some sweet treats from the darlings at Spoon Me Sweetly. Based out of LA, Spoon Me Sweetly specializes in spoons that create wonders when stirred through a mug of hot milk, tea, cocoa etc. Our beautiful package included three different flavoured spoons, sugar drops and ‘animal-style’ pretzel thins. The pretzels, dipped in bavarian creme and topped with sprinkles, were devoured almost immediately- the creme differentiates them from typical chocolate-covered pretzels, and we loved these! The sugar drops are great in warm milk, and would also be awesome in hot chocolate or used to flavour whipped cream. Their flavour was sweet and rich, and I’ve saved a few for experimenting in the future- something that was difficult to do because I wanted to devour them all immediately! And then there were the spoons. We received Creme de la Creme (vanilla and chocolate candy melts), Sweet Elvis (vanilla candy melts, banana cream and a mini peanut butter cookie) and Spoon Me S’more (chocolate candy melts, mini marshmallows and graham crackers). These were beautiful in and of themselves, and even a few bumps and bruises on the trip from LA to Melbourne couldn’t stop me from appreciating how much work must be put into each one. The spoons were delicious as well- I simply warmed up some milk and then stirred the spoons through and let them do their work! The Sweet Elvis was my favourite- it was so unique and the flavour of banana really shone through. Spoon Me Sweetly is a charming company and their products would be amazing for wedding showers, bridal showers and any Pinterest-worthy party on the block! They are regularly coming up with new flavours and I can’t wait to see what they come up with next!

– priya


animal-style pretzel thins


Sugar drops


Creme de la Creme, Sweet Elvis and Spoon me S’more


Sweet Elvis, about to go in!


the spoons melt and create such beautiful colours


sugar drops! 


spoon #2, ready to dunk



creamy, chocolatey goodness

Thank you to Janis at Spoon Me Sweetly for all of our goodies! We loved them.