Raj on Taj, Adelaide- Throwback Thursday pt. 4

Raj on Taj is a classic Indian establishment with two locations in Adelaide. Alex and I stopped by after I was struck by a craving for Indian food (these happen often), and were quickly seated by a friendly waitress who was more than happy to chat with us about our holidays. When it came time to order, we ordered our dishes spicy- something we do at almost every Indian restaurant we visit. We are usually left feeling short changed in the spice department, but not at Raj on Taj. Our three mains were so shockingly spicy that we went through pitcher after pitcher of water, while blaming one another for the spicy situation we had before us. Yet we were both happy to have found an Indian restaurant that actually understood the meaning of “spicy please”, even if it had us both almost in tears. Once we got past the spice, our three dishes- butter chicken, chicken jalfrezi and paneer mahkani, were all delicious. Similar looking in photos, but each with their own tweaks; the jalfrezi was slightly sour, while the butter chicken was classically creamy and the paneer rich and tomato-y. The garlic naan was standard, if a bit on the heavy side. All in all, Raj on Taj is a place that knows how to deliver the goods in typical Indian restaurant style, but more importantly, actually takes heed of ones request for spice. Next time we are back, we will probably only ask for one dish to be spicy, because Raj on Taj truly knows the meaning of spice, in the best way possible.

– priya




Butter Chicken


Paneer Tikka Masala


garlic naan


Chicken Jalfrezi

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