Warung Padi Organic, Ubud (Bali)

Padi Organic is a beautiful open-air restaurant set amongst the rice paddies outside of Ubud. When we arrived we were promptly seated at an individual little hut, floating over the twinkling lights coming from the rice paddies and restaurant. Once we were comfortable on our cushions (yes, we sat on the ground! It was fabulous.) we ordered two Bintangs- the popular Indonesian beer that you can find everywhere, and perused the menu for our meals. Alex went with a traditional Gulai Bebek (aka duck curry), served alongside yellow rice, satay and mixed vegetables. I, not being able to decide (typical), decided to go with a platter that involved a little bit of everything- chicken satay, tofu triangles and tempeh with sambal. The food was a little slow to come out, which we took as a great sign because when everything came out piping hot it was clear that it was all fresh! Alex’s duck curry was bursting with traditional flavours that we would come to know and love over the coming week, and my sambal was so good that I had to ask for a second helping, and the ingredients list! Padi Organic highlights the use of organic food, much of which is grown on-site, and this was apparent in the freshness of their food. Alex was adventurous in his traditional dessert choice of black rice pudding with bananas, which I went with the safer (and definitely not as healthy) option of fried bananas and ice cream. A few bites of the pudding was adventure enough for me, but Alex continued on and said that the flavours definitely grew on him as he progressed through the dessert. The fried bananas were obviously delicious because hmm…they’re fried bananas! While all of the food at Padi was satisfying, it was the tranquil setting that really makes the spot a must-visit; we were serenaded by frogs from the neighboring paddies, and conversation was often punctuated by a splash of the fish swimming underneath us. We went to a lot of spectacular places during our week in Bali, but the peaceful and romantic setting at Padi Organic has stayed with us in a way no other place has. Simply beautiful.

– priya




fresh flowers were a highlight of each individual ‘hut’


The platter that came with Alex’s duck curry


Duck Curry- Gulai Bebek


My mixed plate- chicken satay, tofu triangles and tempeh with yellow rice and sambal


extra peanut sauce and sambal- both were incredible!


black rice pudding with bananas and coconut milk


fried bananas with ice cream