fermentAsian, Tanunda

If you’re in the mood for a little jaunt to the South Australian countryside or on a wine tour in the Barossa, then pencil in fermentAsian – you could even coincide your trip with the annual Cruise On car show like we did, albeit accidentally. Combining a great wine list, representative of the region, with Southeast Asian dishes designed to share, fermentAsian ticks all the boxes.  The small cottage come restaurant tucked away in Tanunda has a bit of a fragmented feel with all the small rooms containing several tables each, but it does give the place a homely vibe.  Backed up with a family affair in the kitchen, with Tuoi Do (wo)manning the kitchen and her parents lending a hand, you can’t help but feel welcomed into the family.  The menu being designed to share, we started with several entrees, each as good as the last.  The caramelised pork on betel leaves combined salty and sweet with the freshness of the leaves adding an almost bitter flavour.  The scallops, roe removed, were beautifully presented and had the taste to match and the spring rolls were fresh and delicious, wrapped in various herbs.  The mains were all winners too, with the squid salad and duck curry (Priya’s first) taking honours.  To finish off our meal we had to try the desserts, and they too did not disappoint.  The mousse and brulee, normally fairly standard desserts were given a makeover with lemon grass and lime respectively and both were small enough not to push us over the edge.  Tuoi Do also made an appearance to ensure that everything was sufficiently up to standard and give us a bit of a background on the place.  We left, senses satisfied and feeling like we had just been invited into a family home, privileged to be apart of it.

-alexDSC_0600thit lon cuon la lot – betel leaves with caramelised pork

DSC_0605diep nuong dua va gieng – scallops with galangal and coconut

DSC_0609nem chay Ha Noi- vegetarian spring rolls

DSC_0612goi tom – prawns with galangal salad

DSC_0621goi muc – grilled squid with fresh coconut salad

DSC_0629stir-fried chicken with snake beans and thai basil

DSC_0634stir-fried greens

DSC_0638ca ri vit – red duck curry with lychee and pineapple

DSC_0641ca ri ca – yellow curry with snapper

DSC_0648bru lee chanh – lime creme brulee

DSC_0654banh chocola va xa- chocolate and lemongrass mousse

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fermentAsian on Urbanspoon