British India, Adelaide

Having been invited to enjoy a meal at British India, we were not going to miss the opportunity on our most recent visit to Adelaide.  Entering British India you will notice an eclectic mix of decorations or animals to be exact; taxidermy takes center stage and the eclectic mix continues on the menu.  From sweet cocktails on the drinks menu alongside the usual Kingfisher beer, to fish and chips alongside Chana Masala, this is truly a mix of British and Indian cuisine.  For a Monday, the restaurant was buzzing and this put an obvious strain on service.  Eating at six meant there were only two people covering floor and drinks, service was slow to say the least but once the other waiters clocked on things ran more smoothly.  The cocktails ordered were enjoyed, however if you don’t like sweet cocktails stick to the beer and wine menu.  For food, like most Indian restaurants, the aim of the game is to share.  Our party began with an array of starters – Gobi Pakoras, Bagain Stack and Chicken Tikka.  The pakoras were nice, spice-battered cauliflower and broccoli with a tamarind sauce, the sauce lubricating the veg well.  The Bagain Stack was the standout with crunchy batter and silky eggplant contrasting well.  Unfortunately the chicken tikka, usually a safe go-to, was under marinated and over cooked, leaving much to be desired.  The mains were all delicious, with Priya particularly enjoying the Barramundi Masala and the goat curry was also a winner. The naans too were great, thin and buttery.  The curries were mildly spiced however, so if you like spicy be sure to ask for some extra heat and three curries between four after the starters was more than enough, with some takeaway boxes being utilised.  With our bellies full and the poor service to start a distant memory we attempted to pay (our rather large bill – so many cocktails),  many minutes and several queries to our cards’ whereabouts later we were on our way, feeling satisfied with the meal although a little disappointed with the lack of service polish. The question in the car – was the quality and ambiance of British India worth the premium over other Indian restaurants? We’ll leave that for you to decide, but I think we’ll be back..


DSC_0690spiced mule & kingfisher

DSC_0696gobi pakorasDSC_0700bagain stackDSC_0702chicken tikka

DSC_0711array of naan – garlic & plain

DSC_0713tawa tikka masalaDSC_0715goat curryDSC_0718barramundi masala

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