Jack’s Wife Freda, Soho NYC- Throwback Thursday pt. 2

Yes, this is a post all the way back from my October NYC trip. But even my embarrassment at being so delayed on this post couldn’t stop me, because Jack’s Wife Freda is an amazing Soho spot in the sea of New York restaurants. We went for Sunday brunch, and started off with some drinks- the cantaloupe mimosa was a welcome departure from the norm, and my Bloody Mary drinking friends said that they were among some of the best they’d ever had. We split a rosewater waffle as a starter, and after the first bite I found myself wishing I had one all to myself! The rosewater wasn’t overwhelming, as it often can be, and was balanced perfectly with the berries and lebanese yogurt. My main course was a classic Priya-esque order- a grilled Peri-Peri chicken skewer atop a bed of couscous, all topped with JwF’s famous hot sauce. The hot sauce was a vibrant green, and I ended up asking for more on the side because I loved it so much! My friend’s green shakshuka was equally delicious, although maybe not as pleasing to the eye. The other two orders at the table- soft boiled eggs soldiers and the Mediterranean breakfast (poached eggs with avocado, chopped salad, labneh and pita) were both enjoyable, although the shakshuka and couscous ended up being the stars of the show. We loved our meal at Jack’s wife Frida, and our outdoor table was worth the wait, as it provided us with ample people watching along a bustling Soho street. When the temperatures rise above freezing, Jack’s wife Freda is definitely worth a stop for NYC locals and visitors alike!

– priya


the menu is cute and kitschy, with options to suit any taste




cantaloupe mimosa


rosewater waffle with lebanese yogurt and berries


Bloody Mary


soft-boiled eggs with soldiers


Mediterranean Breakfast- poached eggs, avocado, chopped salad, labneh, pita


Green Shakshuka with challah toast


duck bacon


Peri-Peri chicken with couscous, chopped salad, green hot sauce

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