Po’Boy Quarter – Collingwood

po’boy, noun – every hungover person’s dream; carb loaded, stuffed with succulent meats or deep fried goodies and the ability to leave one with the semi-permanent feeling of satiety… or at least that’s how I see them anyway.

DSC_0539Po’Boy Quarter in Collingwood delivers no frills po’boy sandwiches that do the simple things right. A soft baguette stuffed with your choice of slow cooked meats, deep fried seafood or green tomatoes with some salad fillings or slaw and a drizzle of hot sauce.  The setup is simple, head to the counter and order off the board, grab a hot sauce from the array, take a seat at the casual dining area inside or amongst it all on Smith Street and wait for the grub to arrive.  As always when dining with Priya, the amount of grub to arrive at our table was excessive. Two po’boys, a side of fries drizzled with spicy aioli and an apologetic complimentary fried mac and cheese square replacing the obviously popular corn fritter special.  Priya’s fried green tomato po’boy went down well, with the juice of the tomatoes and slaw helping to lubricate the bread.  My po’boy, fried catfish, was too dry even after being drenched in hot sauce and will be avoided next time, perhaps for a meatier version or Priya’s choice.  The fries were delicious, spicy aioli and all but the fried mac and cheese was too rich for my liking- Priya loved it though (fatty!).  In future, I think a po’boy each and a side of fries will be sufficient, if not still a little too much, as the po’boys are generous.

Po’Boy Quarter, definitely worth a try if you’re hungry for a Southern style sandwich – with token Collingwood hipsters and drifters thrown in for good measure.


DSC_0553fried green tomato po’boy w/ slaw

DSC_0551fried catfish po’boy w/ lettuce & tomato

DSC_0557fries w/ spicy ailoi

DSC_0562fried mac & cheese

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