Melt CBD, Adelaide

Last week while in Alex’s hometown of Adelaide, we headed to the CBD to catch up with some good friends at Melt. Melt is a combination of tapas and pizzas- the best kind of combo, in my opinion. The tapas rotate daily, and are written on a chalkboard that is brought to your table as you decide. Between five of us we decided on a slew of tapas and three pizzas. The standout tapas were the green beans with chili and anchovy- spicy and packed with savory flavours- and the baked gnocchi with cream and pesto. The gnocchi had a delicious, rich sauce but was a little too thin for our taste; however it made a great dipping sauce for our crusts! The haloumi and potatoes were also great- we truly were really happy with all of the tapas. Unfortunately, the pizzas weren’t as well-received. The broccolini pizza deceptively had broccoli- a strange choice that didn’t sit well with us. The potatoes on the patatas pizza were over boiled and would have been better crispy- they ended up being mushy and heavy and overtaking the otherwise nice flavours of the rest of the pizza. The albondigas pizza was the best of the bunch (which isn’t necessarily saying much)- I’ve been bugging Alex for a description for about five minutes now and he can’t remember it at all aside from it being “tasty”; this isn’t a great testament to the specifics of the pizza…or his memory! All in all Melt provides a nice ambiance, tasty cocktails and really nice tapas- our advice is to give it a shot but err more on the side of tapas rather than pizza!

– priya


daily tapas board


green beans w/ chili, garlic, anchovies


panfried haloumi w/ pickled onions


potatoes w/ spinach and sausage


baked gnocchi with peas, pesto, cream and spinach


broccolini pizza- broccoli, spinach puree, onion, anchovies, asiago, pine nuts


Albondigas- spanish meatball, asiago, roasted cherry tomatoes, chili


Patatas- crushed potato, porcini & truffle, mozzarella, tallegio, walnuts, thyme, parsley

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