Taste on Melrose, West Hollywood (plus a promo via Lyft!)

Before coming to LA, one of my biggest worries was how I would get around without my lovely hybrid- I’m still a total mess when it comes to attempting public transportation in this city. As fate would have it, I woke up with an email from Lyft in my inbox, and all of my problems were solved! Lyft is an awesome ridesharing service, where you can request a driver, get a ride and pay all through your phone- the process is incredibly simple and streamlined. My lyft credit proved to be a lifesaver during my weekend in LA- from going out to running errands to getting to meals (clearly the most important), I had friendly lyft drivers there (complete with the telltale pink mustaches on their cars!) every step of the way. On my last day I used a lyft to get to one of my go-to stops in LA- Taste on Melrose. My friend and I were meeting up for a very, very late lunch (3 pm) and almost everything was closed, but Taste was kind enough to let us start their happy hour menu an hour early! Taste has a wonderful array of cocktails- the mango mojito I started with was refreshing and sizeable, and their sangria is always a hit. We split several dishes between the two of us- white truffle mac & cheese, grilled artichoke, pommes frites, and chicken salad sliders. The mac & cheese is covered in a thick, delicious layer of cheese, but could be a little creamier; however I always enjoy how the truffle isn’t too overwhelming. The artichoke was nicely cooked, but the aioli could have had a bit more flavour to it. The pommes frites were deliciously thin and the portion was HUGE- great taste and even better value. The chicken salad sliders were a surprising hit- I loved the clean flavours (especially in contrast to the heavy pommes frites and mac & cheese) and the pickled fennel served on the side ended up being the star of the meal for me. I’m definitely going to try and recreate that at home- it would be an awesome side at a BBQ. Taste consistently delivers good, homey food at reasonable prices, and is good for brunch, lunch, happy hour and dinner- basically an all-around winner! And as for Lyft…I have an awesome promo for all of you SF & LA readers!! Simply download the lyft app on your iphone or android, and use the promo code BMEETG20 to score $20 in Lyft credit! Valid for new users only, unfortunately. Perfect for making sure you get home safe from those boozy holiday parties we all love so much this time of year.

– priya


mango mojito


truffle mac & cheese with smoked mozzarella


grilled artichoke w/ white balsamic tartar sauce


pommes frites


chicken salad sliders with pickled fennel