PingPong, Lakeview / Chicago

The final Chicago post! We went to PingPong for dinner after our first option ended up being closed on Sundays, and were incredibly happy with the resulting meal! We were invited to peruse the menu and open one of our BYO bottles of wine while we waited for a table to open up, which was a fairly quick process for the busy restaurant. The menu is huge, and neatly organized by protein, which made it easy for us to whittle down given how picky Josh and I both are. We started with my go to Chinese appetizer, chicken lettuce wraps. The filling was nicely cooked, with a great sauce and freshly grated ginger that added quite a zing to the cool wraps. I ended up eating the leftover chicken on its own once we ran out of lettuce cups, so delicious! The three of us shared a plethora of entrees- Cashew Chicken, Spicy Garlic Chicken, Shanghai Lo Mein with Tofu, and String Beans with Pickled Radish. The string beans and spicy garlic chicken were my favourites- I was impressed with the amount of vegetables they included with the chicken, and the spice factor was definitely there. The noodles were a great vehicle for the other items we ordered, simple and delicious. I’m definitely glad we found ourselves parked in front of PingPong and decided to venture in- it’s a great spot when one is craving Chinese food, and its large menu is sure to please all sorts.

– priya


Our store-bought wine, nicely chilling

DSC_0888Chicken Lettuce Wraps

DSC_0889Spicy Garlic Chicken with Vegetables

DSC_0890Shanghai Lo Mein with Tofu

DSC_0892String Beans with Pickled Radish


Cashew Chicken


Candlelight creates a nice ambiance

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