Big Star, Wicker Park

More Chicago food, woo! Josh and I continued our food journey through Chicago with a Saturday lunch at Big Star, the hip and highly acclaimed hangout in Wicker Park. This little spot reminded me so much of the little restaurants in LA that we would frequent for brunch- bright, minimal tables and chairs, communal benches and a crowd of hipsters with crafty tattoos and oversized sunglasses. The guacamole starter was absolutely delicious- loved the addition of radish! I’m definitely going to incorporate radish into my guac from now on, as it adds a really nice bite. Josh ordered their famous fish taco and one chicken taco, and I did one chicken also and their vegetable tostada. The fish taco was fantastic as promised, but unfortunately the other items fell slightly short of the hype. The chicken taco was seasoned deliciously, but they had not taken the time to remove the skin, which made for unpleasant eating. Tasty tacos should never been punctuated with flaccid bits of chicken skin- I spent much of the meal deconstructing my taco to remove the skin. The veggie tostada was good (albeit hard to eat), save for one burnt, smoky flavour that completely took over the dish. I’m not sure if it is in the macha sauce or what, but the tostada would be much better without it. Food was promptly delivered, but we had bizarre service from our waitress. She never took the time to check on us, and seemed annoyed when we wanted to put in a drinks order. Her attitude was definitely off-putting, as I’m never a fan of when restaurants think they can deliver subpar service because their food is so hyped up. All in all, Big Star was a nice spot- perfect for the last beautiful days of summer in Chicago. I think I simply ordered the wrong things, and next time I’m in Chicago I’ll revisit Big Star and hope for a better experience.

– priya




Tostada de Calabacita con Elote


Taco de Pollo / Taco de Pescado


Taco de Pescado

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