Nosh, Omaha

I’m back in Omaha! And late June in Omaha means the College World Series, one of the best times of the year. My friends and I went to an evening game earlier in the week, and stopped by Nosh (new to all of us) for a pre-game dinner. Three of us decided to split a handful of happy hour appetizers, while our other friend went for the beef sliders. My favourite appetizer was the bruschetta- it was drizzled in an incredible balsamic reduction, and my only gripe was that we all were left wanting more! While the margherita flatbread was definitely a better value, I still think an order wouldn’t be complete without both. The spinach artichoke dip was delicious and cheesy, although seemingly lacking both spinach and artichoke…but the bread that was served alongside the dip was incredible. Warm, buttery, with a touch of herbs- I could’ve eaten an entire plate of this alone! We were happy with everything, and then came the jacket fries. First off, what even are jacket fries?The waitress described these as wedges of potato topped with cheese and bacon- what we got was a plate of soggy potato slices in gravy and melted butter with chunks of bacon. Clearly, I didn’t touch these, and the boys who ventured a bite were definitely not rewarded. Some choice words to describe these included “disgusting”, “repulsive” and “baffling”- one friend said they left a gritty taste in his mouth for hours. Avoid these at all costs, and here’s to hoping they are booted from the menu soon- for nosh’s sake as well as ours! Overall we had a great meal at an even better price- $97 for five appetizers, one entreé, three glasses of wine and nine cocktails (after all, it is baseball season…), and two of us have already been back. omnomnosh!

– priya


duck tacos with hoisin sauce


beef sliders


spinach & artichoke dip




margherita flatbread


jacket fries

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