Barbeque Nation, Bangalore, India (!)

Sorry for the long wait between posts, I just got back from an incredible month in India. I was there for two family weddings, which were both beautiful and packed with tons of delicious food. While I was in Bangalore with relatives, we went to Barbeque Nation. Cheesy name aside, this place has everything. Each table is equipped with a mini charcoal grill for grilling up Indian-style skewers of chicken, shrimp, fish and all kinds of veggies. Each item is smothered in delicious sauces- tandoori, mint chutney, masala chili to name a few. These skewers are unlimited, and waiters come around every few minutes with the day’s special items, such as fried masala corn, chicken tikka and naan. On top of these never-ending platters of deliciousness, there is a full-scale Indian-style buffet. The amount of food available at Barbeque Nation is unreal, but what is more impressive is that each and every item is spiced and cooked to perfection- quality is certainly not skimped over for quantity. Add in a boisterous ambiance (dance breaks from the staff, fire shows, DJs) and Barbeque Nation is the perfect spot for a large group looking for a fun time and great food in Bangalore.

– priya


grilled veggies on the charcoal grill- the corn was a favourite!


chicken and fish kabobs


DIY kabobs, if their plethora of options just isn’t cutting it


massive dessert stand at the buffet