Tutti Mangia, Claremont CA

Over the weekend Priya graduated from University and as a celebration / farewell dinner (as I am now back in Aus), Priya and I went to Tutti Mangia. Having eaten here once before and enjoying the Osso Bucco I had eaten immensely, expectations were high. Needless to say, Tutti Mangia did not disappoint, however there were some low points.  We started off with a crisp Sonoma Valley Sav Blanc, which accompanied the meal well.  Our starters were both delicious, however my grilled octopus took the cake and was the best meal of the night. The octopus was melt in your mouth tender and the rustic Puttanesca accompanied the protein magnificently.  Priya’s roasted beet and burricotta plate was simple and delicious.  For the mains I had pheasant and wild mushroom ragu pasta with Priya having, as always, a mushroom risotto. My pheasant was unctuous and moreish, however Priya’s risotto was lacking seasoning and didn’t have the earthy mushroom funk necessary of a risotto ai funghi.  By far the most disappointing part of the meal were the desserts, or to be more precise, Priya’s dessert. Against my recommendations Priya went for a quintessential French dish (in an Italian restaurant no less) Crème Brûlée. This Crème Brûlée wasn’t traditional either, it was salted caramel and failed to impress on every level. The custard was barely a custard and the brûlée on top was neither crisp nor thick, providing no textural balance to the dish. It still baffles me that an Italian restaurant would serve Crème Brûlée and one that was so bad to boot. OK, enough with the Crème Brûlée, I had a Tiramisu, which was simple and tasty, however both plates were left unfinished.  All in all Tutti Mangia was a successful dinner, if not an expensive one, nevertheless if I go again I will leave without dessert and instead venture somewhere else for a sweet treat.


Tutti_05Foppiano Savignon Blanc

Tutti_08Polipo alla Griglia – grilled octopus, fingerling potatoes, rustic puttanesca, lemon zest

Tutti_12Barbietole – roasted heirloom beets, fresh burricotta cheese, toasted pistachios, micro greens, aged balsamic, turri herb oil

Tutti_18Campanelle al Fagiano – trumpet pasta, pheasant ragu, wild mushroom

Tutti_17Risotto ai Funghi – wild mushroom risotto, micro greens

Tutti_23 Salted Caramel Crème Brûlée


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