Rajdhani, Artesia

Rajdhani, located in the heart of Little India in Artesia, is known for having some of the best Indian food in Southern California, thus it came as no surprise when my parents wanted to make the 45 minute trip out when they came to visit me for graduation weekend (yes, I graduated from college! It’s terrifying and traumatic, but also a little exciting, I suppose). The typical Gujarati food at Rajdhani is served thali-style; upon being seated, each diner is given a large silver plate with several smaller bowls for the subjeez of the day. The first few minutes are complete chaos- servers come around with papad (a traditional indian crisp), chutneys, pakoras and fresh tomato salad, but before you can even begin to eat them, another round of servers are descending upon you with dahl and other Indian specialties, all of which are vegetarian. They work so quickly and efficiently that an attempt to grab the papad off your plate may very well cost you a splash of curry to the hand- it’s best to keep clear until the initial service rounds are complete. Every day the subjeez rotate- when we went we were treated to a delicious white bean subjee, potatoes in a thin, flavourful broth and cabbage and small, Indian green beans, which was easily our favourite. Servers also come around every few minutes with piping hot pooris, rotis and rice. Service is attentive and fast- the moment one stops eating, a server is there waiting to see what needs to be refilled. A meal at Rajdhani is truly like a meal at a relative’s home in India- delicious food constantly being forced upon you, in the best way possible. One of my main gripes with living in Claremont for the past four years was the lack of delicious Indian food nearby- for anyone who shares this sentiment, I highly recommend Rajdhani…although it isn’t exactly close, the drive is absolutely worth it.

– priya


empty thali- preparing for the feast


the cabbage subjee at the bottom was my favourite


subjeez of the day included white bean, potato and cabbage


they really do pile plates high!


piping hot gulab jamun


besan halwa


falooda- rose flavoured ice cream topped with basil seeds

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