Green Street Cafe, Pasadena

I met up with a cousin awhile ago at Green Street Cafe for Sunday brunch. The restaurant is located along a cute side street in downtown Pasadena, and I was surprised to find parking aplenty. It’s no secret that brunch is my least favourite meal (eggs? bacon? bread? no thank you.) but when a restaurant puts a mimosa as large as the one I received at GSC in front of me, it is easy to forget my aversion to brunch. Sadly, the food just wasn’t great. It was passable, however in an area filled with delicious restaurant options, I was surprised to see Green Street Cafe so busy. My southwest pasta (recommended by our waitress) was overrun with corn kernels and under-seasoned chicken, and my cousin’s requested grilled tomatoes came out plain and sliced. The food is not bad by any means, I would just choose basically any other brunch place over Green Street Cafe. I wish I had more good things to say, but at the end of the day, Green Street Cafe simply isn’t worth the price and is a forgettable meal.

– priya




Crab Cake Benedict


Southwest Pasta with Chicken


Crumble topped with Dr. Bob’s Ice Cream

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    hmmm, I really hope they haven’t lowered their standards!!! did you try their zucchini bread? I haven’t been there since I moved to Chicago, but I remember enjoying their brunch dishes (almost always picked one that came with the zucchini bread) and they also had a nice salad (Diane?).

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      I didn’t get a chance to try the zucchini bread, but I really wanted to! I regret getting the pasta over the Diane salad because that seems to be their best item- maybe we just ordered the wrong things? x

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