Poolside @ the Ace Hotel, Palm Springs

My friends and I spent spring break lounging by the pool at the Ace Hotel in Palm Springs, eating and drinking. A few hikes were involved, but the week mostly revolved around the pool and all the wondrous things it has to offer. We ordered food poolside one day, and were so happy with everything that we spent the next day there as well. Honestly, if you were to go to the Ace, any of the following items would be incredibly satisfying (except the arugula salad- those fried chickpeas failed to impress). I found the hummus plate perfect for a hot day by the pool, and the chicken thigh salad was delicious aside from the fact that they left the skin on and didn’t take the time to crisp it up (soggy skin is thoroughly unpleasant and in my opinion, inedible). Hotel food tends to be hit or miss, but the Ace has a strong grasp on what they are doing, and are sure to impress visiting hipsters and locals alike.

– priya


Steel-head Salmon w/ beet carpaccio, jicama, citrus


Griddled Ciabatta & Cheese


Amigo Burger w/ bacon onion marmalade, aged cheddar


Roasted Garlic Hummus- naan, marinated feta, heirloom tomatoes


Date shake


assorted delicious alcoholic beverages


Crispy Fish Tacos- lagunitas batter, avocado, crema fresca, salsa ranchera


Wild Baby Arugula- fried chickpeas, crispy prosciutto, charred lemon, labneh


Lentil Burger with fries and house-made vegan mayo


Brick-Flattened Chicken Thighs- szechuan style crispy salad, peanuts



‘Desert Facial’