Blaze, Pasadena

A friend and I stopped by Blaze a few weeks ago on a trip to Pasadena for art supplies. We were both in the mood for pizza, and stumbled upon Blaze. So I’m going to be honest- Blaze is basically a glorified, inferior version of the highly successful 800 Degrees. Same exact layout- assembly-style pizzas with fresh ingredients and a casual seat yourself environment. There were a few things Blaze did differently than their counterpart- they had a delicious spicy marinara that was full-bodied with a good amount of kick, and in-house blood orange lemonade that was incredible. However, they also fell short on a few points- chewy oyster mushrooms, not nearly as many topping options and average crust. My friend and I both made our own pizzas, and while they were good, the oyster mushrooms seriously lacked flavour and had some textural issues, and the cheese to sauce ratio was off. At the end of the day, Blaze is to 800 Degrees what Pancheros is to Chipotle. It’s good, but why settle for good when the original is so much better?

– priya


in-house lemonade


my custom pizza- spicy tomato sauce, oyster mushrooms, basil & buffalo mozzarella


names are hard…?


Sophie’s custom pizza- marinara sauce, oyster mushrooms, basil, roasted garlic, parmesan & mozzarella 

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