Jamie Oliver’s fennel risotto with ricotta & dried chili

This Valentine’s Day, my friends and I decided to treat ourselves with a homecooked meal- something that is tough to do in the dorms. Alex got me Jamie’s Italy for Christmas (my first ever cookbook!) and we decided to put it to good use for this meal. Jamie explains the cooking process much better than I could, so I’ve linked his website instead. The only change we made to the recipe was using goat cheese instead of ricotta, as we couldn’t find any proper ricotta on our grocery trip. The only tricky part about preparing this is that you are technically making two risottos at once- his risotto bianco base and then the fennel risotto twist- be sure to read through both recipes before starting so you know when steps cross over. This risotto is truly incredible- the crunch and flavour from the fennel is a welcome departure from the more typical risotto add-ins, and the lemon perfectly balances out the richness from the cheese and wine. None of the ingredients are particularly expensive, either, which makes this a winner in our college-life books. Enjoy!

– priya


melting a massive knob of butter into finely diced celery and onions


thinly sliced fennel, prepped and ready


we snacked on some crostinis while cooking- also from Jamie’s book! buffalo mozzarella & chili, tomato & basil 


midway through the risotto bianco recipe, we threw in the fennel


mmmm so creamy


final dish! beautiful and so delicious, only slightly marred by the stolen blue dining hall bowl