China Poblano, Las Vegas (Cosmopolitan Hotel)

Well. I’ve been putting off this post for a while, because I really don’t know how I felt about China Poblano. My friends and I took a quick 24 hour trip to Vegas, and after a bit of research, decided to go out on a limb with this restaurant that ‘brings Mexico and China together’. Not necessarily fusion, but also not not fusion, the menu ranges from typical mole tacos to hot and sour soup to poblanos stuffed with pork and pine nuts. We chose China Poblano because it looked like a unique dining experience that wasn’t exorbitantly expensive- something that is tough to find in Vegas. However, when we arrived, our waitress told us that everything was small plates, and people should get two to three dishes per person in order to be full. So much for being cheap- with tacos ranging from $4.50-$10 and dim sum starting at $10.88, we felt a little misled. We decided to start slow and order more food as we felt necessary- my friend Josh had a pomegranate margarita that was absolutely delicious, while the rest of us stuck with beer and water. A friend and I split an order of the huitlacoche noodles- the hand shaved noodles themselves were thick and had a really nice texture, and the mushrooms and bok choy were nicely cooked. However, the flavours seemed a little off- I oscillated between enjoying the dish because each component was beautifully prepared, and being a little put off by the odd flavours; in this case, the fusion didn’t quite seem to come together. The rest of my friends ordered tacos- the restaurant skimped on the fillings, which is always disappointing, and again, the flavour combinations weren’t as effective as they could have been. We also had an order of papas fritas- I’m sorry, but any place that charges $8 for soggy, poorly cut french fries and calls them papas fritas is going to rub me the wrong way. Finally, it ended up being that we didn’t need to order more food- which left me feeling deceived by the fact that our waitress tried to get us to order 2-3 dishes per person when in the end we ordered six dishes for five people and were fine. And now this review sounds really negative and horrible, which it shouldn’t, because at the end of the day, China Poblano wasn’t bad. It was good, even. I guess I have just come to expect more from the man that brought us Bazaar. Ohhh, Vegas food scene, how you confuse me.

– priya




José Andrés!


menus were organized by region and type of food


Pomegranate Margarita (+ Josh)


Huitlacoche Noodles- wild mushrooms, mexican corn truffle, hand shaved noodles


‘papas fritas’ with mole poblano, mexican cream, queso fresco


setas taco- wild mushrooms, guacamole


setas, pollo con mole poblano

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