Colori Kitchen, Downtown LA

Alex and I visited Colori Kitchen on the recommendation of our lovely hair dresser, and we were certainly not disappointed. It’s a small hole-in-the-wall near the fashion district downtown, but what the place lacks in size it makes up for with charm and delicious food. We started with their burrata salad (which was a special that day) and the grilled calamari that everyone has been raving about; well now you can add our voices to the mix. It was my first time ever tasting calamari, and it will be a long time before anything can come close to comparing- the calamari was flavorful, and had a wonderful texture that eased my wariness. It was subtly spiced and drizzled in a light lemon sauce- if you make it out to Colori, definitely get this dish! The burrata salad was also great, with simple, classic flavors. For mains, Alex went with a homemade tagliatelle with lamb ragu, which he called the best pasta he’s eaten thus far in America. The ragu was rich, the pasta fresh- perfect for a (relatively) chilly winter night in LA. I opted for a mushroom risotto (shocker), which was full of porcini flavour and plenty of mushrooms throughout. We ended the night with their house special ricotta cheesecake- it was surprisingly light, and we easily finished it in a few bites. From the homey atmosphere to the hearty pastas, Colori Kitchen reminded us of our trip to Italy last year in the best ways possible. This is a hidden gem I’m hoping you all go out and explore for yourselves- prepare to be delighted!

– priya


Bread with Garlic Spread


Special: Burrata Salad


Grilled Calamari Salad


Homemade Tagliatelle with wild boar ragu


Mushroom risotto


Housemade ricotta cheesecake

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