Mo-Chica, Downtown LA

A few weeks ago Alex and I had a date at the opera, and headed to Mo-Chica for a late night meal afterwards. Mo-Chica is Picca Peru’s sister restaurant, brainchild #2 of Chef Ricardo Zarate. The two menus complement each other well, and picking a favourite between the two would be difficult. The quinotto was an obvious choice for us- risotto, quinoa, wild mushrooms…pretty much all of my favourite things in one. We certainly weren’t disappointed, the dish was flavourful and full of delicious mushrooms. Every dish we had here was a hit- the only thing we weren’t completely pleased with was the orange dressing on the beet salad, which added a bit too much bitterness to the dish. I couldn’t stop picking around the seafood in the paella- the rice was bursting with rich flavours, and the shaved red onion on top was the perfect complement. We would definitely recommend Mo-Chica to late night eaters downtown- it is more contemporary and packs more of a punch than its imposing neighbor, Bottega Louie, and certainly holds its own with ease.

– priya

signature cocktail, dinner menu

Quinotto- quinoa risotto with wild mushrooms and parsley-infused olive oil

Crispy Chicken with Aioli

Beterraga- roasted beet salad with buratta, candied corn and orange amarillo dressing

Seco de Cordero- Lamb shank, canario beans, cilantro beer sauce

Arroz con Mariscos- Peruvian seafood paella with salsa criolla

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