Dosa, San Francisco (Fillmore)

SAN FRANCISCO! A few weeks ago we headed up to San Francisco for Hardly Strictly Bluegrass/post-LSAT celebrations, and our first stop was Dosa. I went to Dosa several years ago with my family, and since then it has boomed and blossomed into a trendy, super-popular spot. We started off with some cocktails- their seasonal cocktail menu was slightly out of date, so they were missing a few options, but the drinks we ended up with were all delicious regardless. Several of us then had rasam, a traditional spicy broth. One thing about Dosa that caused a love-hate relationship for some of us was that when they say spicy, they definitely mean spicy…everything was HOT! I loved it, as did Alex, but some of our other dining companions found the spice to be overwhelming. Alex also had some sardines that looked pretty terrifying to me, but were apparently amazing. Then the dosas came out, and we really went to town. We ordered a paneer & spinach dosa, one stuffed with mustard greens, lentils & cashews, another stuffed with a spicy lentil chutney and finally a fourth with roasted chili & garlic. The paneer and spinach was probably my favourite, simply because it had the most distinguishable flavour. All of the dosas were traditional, although my Mom still wins! In my opinion, Dosa is a must for anyone who likes Indian food and is in SF. They do South Indian food amazingly, and for me it’s awesome to see an Indian restaurant balance tradition and trend so well. SF people- go, go, GO!!

– priya

The Peony- gin, hibiscus masala nectar, coconut milk, lime, bird’s eye chili

The Emerald Monk- Wodka Polish Rye Vodka, chartreuse, lime, chili agave, fresh ginger

Rasam “Fire Broth”

Sardines with veggie salad

Paneer and Peas Dosa

fresh coconut chutney, tomato chutney and sambar (Mustard Greens dosa in the background)

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