The Roof on Hotel Wilshire, LA

We stayed at Hotel Wilshire awhile ago, and we couldn’t check out without checking out (ha! pun) the rooftop restaurant. The view of LA is amazing, and the set up is lovely- cabanas, pool etc. The service we received was prompt and friendly, and they really catered to our every need. The cucumber and caper salad that came with Alex’s smoked salmon platter was incredible- the red onions were pickled nicely, and the whole thing was a fresh way to start off brunch. My french toast was also really nice- the bread to stuffing ratio was a bit heavy on the bread side, but the flavours were unique and paired together nicely. I wish I could have indulged in some mimosas, but alas, I was heading to work afterwards. The Roof on Hotel Wilshire brings (another) nice, new brunch spot to LA- one that is definitely worth checking out.

– priya

Smoked Salmon Platter with a cucumber, tomato, caper and red onion salad

Crispy Stuffed French Toast with date marmalade and lemon ricotta

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