Umami Burger @ The Grove, LA

Last week Alex and I took a break from shopping at the new Umami Burger at the Grove. We’ve been wanting to give it a try for awhile, and went in with a lot of anticipation, given all of the hype and success. We started with some onion rings, dipped in their fiery Diablo sauce. The batter was a perfect consistency, the onions evenly breaded; however I thought they lacked seasoning, and would have been greatly improved with some salt and pepper. Our burgers came out promptly- we thought the ‘U’ stamped on the buns was a nice touch, however it didn’t mask the fact that the buns themselves were soft and overall not very delicious. My veggie patty was good, however the burger was completely overwhelmed by the truffle cheese- which to me seemed out of place to begin with. Once I got past the truffle cheese, the whole thing was rather bland- I had to spice it up with a lot of the Diablo sauce. Alex’s ahi tuna burger was enjoyable, but an absolute mess! Once he ditched the bun and picked up a knife and fork instead, he was much better off. Overall, we were pretty underwhelmed by a place that has received so much hype. We’d much rather do burger night at the Park or head out to Eureka Burger in Claremont than give this place another go.

– priya

tempura-battered onion rings

Earth Burger- mushroom & edamame patty, white soy aioli, truffle ricotta, cipollini onions, lettuce, slow-roasted tomato

Ahi Tuna Burger with crushed avocado, daikon sprouts, pickled ginger, wasabi flakes

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