Marks Bistro, Omaha

Our first Omaha post! When Alex visited my family last month, I took him to the restaurant I’ve been going to with my friends for years- Marks. Prom, graduation, random meals- we’ve spent them all at Marks. We started with their bread spread trio- which consisted of sun-dried tomato pesto, spinach pesto and herb-feta cheese spread. All three dips were delicious and full of flavour, but our favourite was definitely the feta spread. For mains I got their pad thai with tofu, (it’s vegan!) Alex had the quiche of the day, and my brother had their renowned mac & cheese. I’m always delighted with the pad thai here- it turns out better than what I get in many thai restaurants, and Alex was pleased with his quiche. And the mac & cheese…let’s just say that after hating mac & cheese for 17 years, this is the one that changed my mind. It’s cheesy, covered in a perfect amount of crunchy breadcrumbs, and just simply delicious. Marks is a great spot for a nice meal, and one of the few places I always make a point to revisit when I’m home.

– priya

bread spread trio

pad thai with tofu

quiche of the day

mac & cheese- Marks’ signature dish

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