Asian-Style Green Beans

I almost always pass on green beans, but when they are prepared asian-style, they morph into one of my favourite sides. We decided to try and recreate this restaurant favourite at home the other night, and I must say, our results were pretty incredible! We began by breaking the ends off the beans, and then cooked them over high heat in a cast-iron pan to develop a nice char.

Once the beans were sufficiently cooked and charred, we removed them from the heat, and put our sauce in the pan instead. It consisted of the following:

Chinese rice wine vinegar

fish sauce (omittable to make this vegan)


soy sauce

chopped garlic

sesame oil

fresh chopped chilies

Unfortunately we didn’t measure these out, but did it entirely to taste- trust your taste buds and you’ll be fine!

Once the sauce was bubbling, we threw the beans back in and let the whole thing cook for a few seconds.


We topped them with some toasted sesame seeds, and served them straight from the pan. A perfect complement to any asian-inspired meal!

– priya

Asian-style Green Beans