Bar Kitchen, Downtown LA

First of all let me apologize for the lack of blog posts, life has been busy and blogging fell by the way side.  But with some great restaurants visited, new recipes tested and as always, full stomachs, we return with vigor and some photos too.  Our first gift is this little gem, Bar Kitchen in Downtown LA.  This restaurant is in the foyer of the O Hotel on Flower Street and was only given a go because it was two doors down from a friends place.  There are only a few tables along one wall and a bar, the space is large and can be a bit echoey, the service at times a bit slow, the menu concise, but the food… the food is delicious.  There is no exaggerated plating or ridiculous ingredients, just great flavor combinations and seasoning.  Our meal began with oysters, soup and mussels; simple but delicious.  Our entrees consisted of risotto, shrimp and grits, steak and sea bass.  The shrimp and grits had to be the standout, with a kick from the Andouille sausage dragging you back for more.  With full bellies and clean plates we left Bar Kitchen satisfied and planning our next visit and you should be planning yours too.


market oysters, bloody mary vinaigrette, grated horseradish

swiss chard and chickpea soup

mussels, harissa, chickpeas, mint yogurt, grilled bread

sweet corn risotto, english peas, chanterelle mushrooms, grana padano

shrimp & grits, andouille sausage ragout

grilled hanger steak, crispy fingerling potatoes, fava bean tapenade

sea bass with eggplant and broccolini