Masa, Echo Park

We popped into Masa last week for brunch with a friend. We’ve heard great things about their deep dish, Chicago-style pizzas, but since we were short on time, we unfortunately had to opt for other items (the pizzas take 45 minutes). Wanting something light, I opted for minestrone soup, while our friend went with a vegan sausage panini. Alex, always in the mood for breakfast food, chose a spinach and mushroom crepe. While we were waiting for our food, we devoured a loaf of Masa’s freshly baked bread- it was light, hot and oh so fluffy. Then the food arrived, and we were all shocked by the cheese overload! As anyone who reads this blog regularly knows, we are both cheese lovers, but this was simply too much. The menu said my minestrone was baked with cheese, but I was anticipating a thin layer of parmesan sprinkled over the top; what I got was an inch thick layer of cheese on top of minestrone made with…potatoes? Definitely not the light option I was hoping for. Alex and our friend were also both surprised and overwhelmed by the amount of cheese (in our friend’s case- vegan cheese) in their meals. Once you got past the cheese, all three of our meals were pretty good- but again, a person shouldn’t have to part ways with 80% of the cheese on their plate to enjoy a meal! Masa’s flavours were on point, their bread simply divine, and so we might give it a second try; if we do, we will definitely consciously choose items on the menu that have no cheese!

– priya

Masa’s fresh, homemade bread

Baked Minestrone

Spinach and Mushroom Crepe with Bacon and Potatoes

Veggie Sausage Panini with Vegan Cheese