Spinach Salad with an Indian Yogurt Dressing

A few nights ago, Alex surprised me with an amazing Tandoori feast (don’t worry, those pictures are coming soon!). We made this simple salad to accompany the chicken:

1 bag spinach

3 cucumbers

1/2 red onion, thinly sliced

and for the dressing:

2 large dollops yogurt

1 tbsp EVOO

6 large mint leaves, roughly chopped

lemon juice

fresh cucumber juice (from the cucumbers…read on)

We started by scooping out the insides of the cucumbers. Instead of just wasting the soft fleshy bits, I squeezed them into a bowl, which became the base for our dressing.

Next I made the dressing.

Then I combined the ingredients in a large bowl, and presto! So easy, so delicious.

– priya

Spinach Salad with an Indian Yogurt Dressing