Angelini Osteria

Last week Priya and I splurged on a meal at Angelini Osteria.  I had scoured the Internet for weeks and finally decided on this place as the head chef Gino Angelini’s reputation and experiences looked promising.  We were ready for some traditional Italian cuisine.  We booked the day of, a Friday, and were seated at the bar.  The place was bustling with plenty of happy faces and filled with Italian banter from the workers.  Within minutes of sitting we were brought a complimentary bowl of fish stew, which was tasty although not amazing. Although the place was at capacity the waiters were extremely efficient and not too over-bearing (a restaurant trait I abhor).  A couple of glasses of wine later and we were into the appetizer, a Caprese salad.  The salad was fine, nothing amazing, however the burrata was delicious.  Second course arrived, Margherita pizza with burrata and arugula.  The pizza was exactly what I was hoping for, crispy, thin base, salty and sweet tomato sauce, rich burrata and fresh arugula.  It took me straight back to my days in Tuscany spending 5 Euros on a light and delicious pizza.  The price tag, $19, was a bit of a shock, but was worth every penny.  Satisfied with our meal up to then we moved on to our main course, I had a seafood risotto and Priya had cannelloni with seasonal greens and pink sauce.  In my opinion both of these dishes were good, but not great.  My risotto felt as though it was missing something and Priya’s meal satisfied, but she was left wanting a more interesting course.  We both agreed our main courses could have been more exciting, my first choice of slow cooked veal shank had sadly run out for the evening. Priya, always leaving room for dessert, ordered Mascarpone with strawberries and red wine and I had an espresso.  The espresso was great, the best coffee I’ve had in America and Priya’s dessert was tasty and fresh, if not a little simple.

All in all Angelini Osteria is a well run establishment with good food. Having lived in Italy I am always comparing prices and felt that Angelini was a little over priced, however being based in Melrose this is to be expected.  I also prefer my Italian restaurants to be quaint, simple and homely, a place like that I am still looking for in LA.  Head to Angelinis if you’re looking for traditional Italian with a price tag and a bit of glamour, or if I were you, go and get one of their amazing pizzas and finish your meal off with an affogato… delicious.


Fish Stew

Caprese with Burrata and SM Farmer’s Market Tomatoes

Arugula and Burrata pizza

Risotto with Seafood Ragu

Cannelloni with Seasonal Greens and Pink Sauce

Crema di Mascarpone with Strawberries and Red Wine

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