Perfect Scrambled Eggs

A simple, healthy and delicious way to start your day.

Three eggs, cracked into a bowl, a tablespoon of full fat sour cream, a handful of chopped parsley and whisk until well blended, get as much air into your eggs as possible.

Put a non-stick pan over a medium heat, add either olive oil or butter, depending on how decadent you are feeling.

When the pan is at temperature add the whisked egg mixture.  I like my scrambled eggs to be in large fluffy pieces, meaning not much stirring.

When the eggs are cooked to your liking, I like mine moist, season with salt and pepper (do not do this before cooking as the salt breaks down and gives a different flavour)

…and serve.  A great addition is garnishing the eggs with some shaved Parmesan as this adds the salt flavour they need.  This time, however, I used smoked salmon for the salty and some sauteed veg.


Scrambled Eggs w/ Smoked Salmon, Roast Tomato and Sauteed Mushrooms