Breakfast à la Alex (Australian Brekky)

Breakfast is by far my favourite meal, that being said, growing up in a certain place affects your preferences when it comes to food. One thing I am having particular issue acclimatizing to in America is breakfast.  I like my eggs runny, my scrambled eggs moist, my tomatoes roasted, sauteed mushrooms etc etc.  I am still yet to find exactly what I am looking for in a breakfast when I eat out, and hence tend to cook my own breakfasts on a Sunday morning instead of venturing out into the expanses of LA. Hey! at least I’m saving money…

So here is my representation of a typical Australian breakfast, and if any of you Los Angelenos out there know of a place where I can have my breakfast preferences satisfied, speak up!

My breakfast begins by slicing tomatoes in half and drenching them in olive oil, salt, pepper and thyme and baking for approximately 20 minutes in a 350 F oven.  They should be soft and tender.  When the tomatoes are almost done I cook the bacon.  Once the bacon is cooked I switch the oven off and put the cooked bacon on top of the tomatoes to stay warm.  I drain the pan of bacon fat and sautè, in this case shiitake mushrooms, but any type of mushroom will do over a high heat.  I then add the spinach and wilt slightly, and season.  Now the eggs, you need a good non-stick pan for this.  Today I had fried eggs, so medium heat, majority of the cooking on one side and then a flip for 5-10 seconds to seal the top and lose that gelatinous goo.  The eggs have to be runny, so when you pierce them the yolks flow over the rest of the meal and bring it together as one.  I served mine with mashed avocado on the toast and a few drops of hot sauce on the eggs, breakfast of champions.



Breakfast à la Alex