The Mother of All Stir Frys

This is a seriously easy recipe that delivers delicious results. You can use any vegetables you have sitting around, or that you like. We decided to make a massive stir fry of every vegetable ever- thai eggplant, carrots, bamboo shoots, capsicum, baby corn, onion, water chestnuts, broccoli rabe, spinach (not baby, the more dense kind), shiitakes…you name it.

Even though it’s a pain- be sure to cut up all of the vegetables and do all prep before starting to cook, because stir frying in a wok is a quick process and veggies can easily overcook or burn if left in the wok for too long.

Once the veggies are all chopped, add them into the wok one by one depending on cooking time. To prep the wok, we heated up a good amount of oil and a few drops of sesame oil until we could see the heat coming off of it. We then added the onions, carrots and some other veggies that take a bit longer to cook.

We then continued to add the veggies until they were all cooked. Right at the end we added sweet soy, rice wine vinegar, chilies, thai basil, cilantro, grated ginger, garlic, and a bit of normal soy until it was flavored to our liking. At this stage we also added the noodles, which were ready-made at our local asian supermarket.

We then stirred everything so that the noodles weren’t clumped and were instead evenly dispersed through the wok, and then plated up. Super simple, and perfect for a quick weeknight meal!


The Mother of All Stir Frys