Kogi BBQ Truck, Los Angeles

Kogi is the original, famed LA food truck- and so when Alex and I got a chance to try it, we obviously jumped at the opportunity. We ordered several different types of tacos, and I got a mulita as well. The food lived up to it’s reputation- the balance between asian and mexican influences was spot on, and even though the fusion flavours were met with apprehension by some, everyone ended up really enjoying the food. I definitely recommend the mulita- the sauce on top was amazing…I could easily eat three or four of them! Kogi is a food truck staple for a reason, and now I’m just waiting around for when they swing by Echo Park…


Blue Moon Mulita

Short Rib Tacos

Spicy Pork Burrito

Short Rib and Calamari Tacos

Chicken Taco

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