Cod with Artichokes, Purple Potatoes, Capers and Creme Fraiche

Ever since we met, Alex has been pressuring me to start eating seafood, and while it has certainly been an uphill battle, I’m pleased to present you all with my first homecooked seafood meal! Jamie Oliver is one of our favourites, and while I was perusing his website last week for inspiration, I stumbled upon this skate recipe that I knew I had to try out. I opted for cod instead of skate since it’s the one fish I’ve been able to easily eat, but otherwise remained pretty true to the recipe. I began by making two foil pouches by folding up the ends on each side, and essentially making little envelopes.

I then sliced up four artichoke hearts length-wise; I had to use canned artichokes (rather than fresh) due to availability, but they worked surprisingly well regardless. I squeezed lemon over the artichoke for an extra dimension of flavour.

Next I melted four tablespoons of butter in a skillet to form the base of the vegetable coating. I also preheated the oven to 475 F at this point.

I then boiled four small purple potatoes in heavily salted water- I think this took about twelve minutes.

While the potatoes were boiling I combined the melted butter with a large handful of equal parts thyme (stripped off the stem) and chopped parsley, as well as three tablespoons of capers, and plenty of salt, pepper and chili powder to taste.

At this point, the potatoes were boiled and had been left to cool for a bit, so I sliced them length-wise into quarters or sixths, depending on the size.

I then tossed the potatoes and artichokes in the butter mixture, taking care to do so gently so the veggies wouldn’t break apart too much.

I divided the potato and artichoke mixture evenly between the two foil envelopes.

I then sliced 450 grams of cod (frozen from Trader Joe’s- it had been defrosting for several hours) into pieces- there wasn’t really a rhyme or reason to how I cut them, so do whatever you prefer.

I then combined a generous amount of olive oil, salt, pepper and chili powder to the remnants of the butter mixture, and coated each piece of cod generously.

The cod pieces were then added to the foil envelopes, and the oil was poured on top to seal in some flavour. I put the two envelopes in a small baking pan, and added a spring of rosemary from the garden to each, and labeled them with our names.

At this point I attempted to seal off the enveloped, and realized that I had overstuffed them, so I made little foil boats with a second layer.

I then popped the boats in the oven for a little under 30 minutes- normal cooking time only calls for 15 minutes, but since I doubled the foil they needed more time. After 30 minutes I removed them from the oven, served the mixture alongside a simple spinach salad and finished it off with a dollop of creme fraiche.

Overall, this was a fairly simple recipe that delivers fantastic results. I’m still not able to eat seafood as a main course, yet this one went down easily due to the flavours, inclusion of vegetables and use of a fairly mild fish. One I’ll definitely make again soon- Alex stole all of the leftovers and I feel like I didn’t get my fill of these fantastic flavours!


Cod with Artichokes, Purple Potatoes, Capers and Creme Fraiche